Are You Ready to Get Toned, Confident & Fit, Despite a Busy Lifestyle?

  • Are you fed up of struggling to stay consistent with your training due to a busy lifestyle? Have you been missing the support & accountability you need to thrive in fitness and life? Are you ready to connect with like-minded individuals with similar goals and interests?
  • If any of those are you, we've got just the programme for you.

The JPT Accelerate programme is based on three key pillars that have brought success to hundreds of busy men & women.



No two sessions will ever be the same as variety is the spice of life! However, they are all developed to be incredibly effective at improving strength, toning those difficult areas and improving fitness. Please be assured, this is not army fitness, we'll tailor the session to your fitness level, needs & any previous injuries.



We all know it's important, but getting results doesn't have to be restrictive. We'll guide you on how to eat a balanced diet so that you can still enjoy your social life, your favourite foods and the odd naughty treat! We'll build the foundations so that your nutrition works for you and has you feeling amazing as well as looking it!



From our years of experience, we know that a friendly, welcoming environment of like-minded people will multiply your results drastically. Why? Because if you make friends and laugh whilst training, you'll keep coming! And we know that with consistency comes awesome results, awesome relationships & awesome socials.


Group Training (JPT Accelerate Programme)

Sessions take place before and after work, flexible to your schedule.

1:1 Personal Training

Flexible to your schedule & needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I have not trained in a while, will this be too advanced for me?

We created the JPT Accelerate Group Programme to fit ALL abilities. This is an environment where you can come and train to your level, in the knowledge that everyone is there to support, encourage and lift each other up. Our 1:1 Personal Training is designed specifically for you. We'll build you to new bests, regardless of where you start with us!

This sounds perfect for me but i'm nervous about joining something new.. should I be?

It's totally natural to feel nervous or unsure about joining a group. But at JPT Fitness, we do things differently. Our delightful members will have introduced themselves before you know it and you'll feel part of the team instantly. You won't be left to figure it out or be stuck in the corner. If you have any more queries, a member of our expert coaching team will be delighted to go over them in our initial call.

Where does your training take place?

We currently offer training in Fulham, Wandsworth, Battersea & Cheltenham. You can see our exact locations HERE.

I have an injury but want to get involved, what should I do?

Book a call and chat with one of our coaches. Our goal is to create a programme that works for you.  We'd love to listen to your specific needs and can often tailor an effective session around an injury. We'll also be totally honest and say if we think another service might be best suited for you.

What should I bring with me to a session?

A water bottle and training kit suitable for the weather. We'll provide the fitness equipment!

I have a few questions about the programme, who do I contact?

Get in touch with us by clicking the 'Get Started' button. One of our team will give you a call to answer all your questions and if you're ready, we'll invite you for a free taster session.

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