JPT Will Help You Feel Confident, Toned & Fitter Than Ever Before

  • Are you longing for your pre-lockdown body and fitness?
  • Are you fed up of not getting consistency and results due to a busy lifestyle?
  • Have you felt lonely or unsupported on your fitness journey in the past and need a coach who understands your struggles?

If any of the above is you, then getting fitter than ever, faster than ever whilst having fun is just a snippet of what the JPT Accelerate Programme will give you.

My name is Jake Allen and I created JPT Fitness.

I help busy men and women become fitter, more toned and more confident all whilst enjoying the process of getting there.

Our JPT Accelerate programme has helped 100's of people just like you!

Through my own experience of big box gyms, I realised that there was so much missing. Where was the support and guidance? How could a gym know about my personal goals when it never bothered to ask?

From that moment, it was my mission to create a programme that wasn't based solely on filling the gym floor, but one that is tailored to YOUR actual needs, goals & desires.

First, it was about creating progressive training sessions & understanding nutrition that delivers results, despite busy lifestyles. Then came what makes JPT, JPT - that's our community. We bring groups of people together with similar goals and what starts as exercise classes, turns into friendships, laughter, social events and family.

With this blend, we'll get you fitter, leaner, healthier & happier all whilst feeling part of a really special group of people.

Why You'll Win With Our Programme






Less Painful


Less Confusing

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Meet Our Members

I'm fitter, I've lost weight and my mental wellbeing is a lot better


I felt very supported in my goals and what I wanted to achieve


Weightloss is my biggest achievement. I got back my previous body!


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